The early years are critical in a child’s development. Children develop rapidly during this time – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. All children should be given the opportunity to experience the very best possible start to their education. Primary education provides a foundation for a lifetime of learning – and it is great fun too. We aim at teaching all subjects in a well structured way which makes learning enjoyable to our children. We differentiate our work in order to meet the need of all abilities, encouraging children to reach their full potential.

Our Primary School is a lively, vibrant place where pupils blossom personally, intellectually and socially. Open any classroom door and you will find happy pupils who are fascinated by the topics they are learning. We provide a nurturing, stimulating environment as they take their first exciting steps into school life.

The broad and exciting curriculum offers a wealth of opportunities for children to achieve success and to develop self-confidence and an excellent work ethic.High standards are set throughout the school in all areas of the curriculum and Personal, Social and Moral Development. We believe in taking teaching and learning beyond the classroom where possible. Class sizes are small to allow teaching staff to devote more time to each child and provide caring that enables the children to achieve excellent academic standards.

Solid Steps International School provides a secure playground for the nursery school children to enhance their physical fitness. We also provide an array of games and story books for the learning enjoyment of the children.